Little Rooster. Wake Sexy.

Is Little Rooster worn internally?

No. Little Rooster is worn inside your panties but outside your body. The vibrating leg stimulates your clitoris and labia.

Do I have to wear panties?

Some of our customers tell us they sleep naked. Most find they need to wear panties.

Can I choose how powerful the alarm gets?

Yes.  Little Rooster has 30 levels.  Select the one that is right for you and Little Rooster will remember it.

What does waking with Little Rooster feel like?

Slow, sensual, pleasurable and energized.  Little Rooster's vibrations start too gently to wake you. Then over five minutes they automatically increase.

What does the snooze feel like?

The pleasure of waking all over again.

How big is it?

Little Rooster is 11.5 cm long and 7.5 cm at its widest.  The 'head' is under 0.9 cm thick and the "leg" is 1.6cm thick

How long will Little Rooster last on one charge?

About three hours play.

Will wearing underwear to bed give me thrush?

No. According to the best scientific evidence, this is a myth.

How about making a Little Rooster for Men?

Join our For Men mailing list for news of the launch.

What is your returns policy?

If Little Rooster fails due to a manufacturing fault within the first year of ownership we will mend or replace it with a similar or updated model. Because we do not resell returns we regret that we are not able to offer Little Rooster on a try-and-return basis.

What currency are your prices?

British Pounds (GBP). You will see the price in your own currency before confirming payment, or you can use a site such as

Can I pay with my bank card?

Yes. On the "Choose a way to pay" screen, click on "Create a PayPal account and pay with your credit card". You can pay with your credit or debit card without creating a PayPal account.

I am having trouble with your shop.

Try a different browser, clear your cache, or contact us.

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Wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably.

Feeling confident. Happy. Aroused.

Little Rooster. Wake Sexy.