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Giggling with pleasure


Brimming with desire


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    Little Rooster

    Meet Little Rooster. The orgasm clock. Vibrations that starts gently. Then increase. Automatically. Wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably. Feeling confident. Happy.... View Details

What they say

Little Rooster on Jimmy Kimmel Live 

If you like morning sex, Little Rooster is heaven - Rebecca Jane Stokes, YourTango

Special - Howie Mandel

Awake from your dreams to a very pleasant reality - Suzannah Weiss, Glamour

Very nice - Jimmy Kimmel

Fits perfectly and feels awesome - Andrea Lowell, Playboy

The best - Metro London

Extremely comfortable - Dina Murphy, Sabotage Times

Top gift - GQ Magazine

Start the day with an orgasm - The Doctors

Little Rooster on The Doctors


What you say


"What I love about my Little Rooster is how it gets stronger automatically. I don't have to hold it, I don't have to adjust the power. It just does its thing as I slowly wake up to one of the best feelings in the world. Bliss!"

"What can I say? My husband says it is the best gift he's ever given me and I don't know if he means because I like it so much or because of how horny I now feel when I wake!"

"Not only do I absolutely love the way it feels - I mean, who wouldn't? - I wake up in such a good mood I'm glowing all day."


Is Little Rooster worn internally?

No. Little Rooster is worn inside your panties but outside your body. The leg rests against your clitoris and labia and in the morning starts to vibrate.

Can I choose how powerful the alarm gets?

Yes. Little Rooster has 30 levels. Select the one that is right for you and Little Rooster will remember it.

How big is it?

Little Rooster and Little Rooster X are under 11 cm long, under 7 cm at their widest and weigh under 50 grams (two ounces). Little Rooster S also weighs under 50 grams and is 11.5 cm long and 7.5 cm at its widest. The 'head' is under 0.9 cm thick and the "leg" is 1.6cm thick.

How quiet is it?

Little Rooster is silent for 27 levels. There are a further 3 'turbo levels' for when power is the only thing that counts.

How long will Little Rooster last on one charge?

About three hours play.

What are the differences between Little Rooster, Little Rooster S and Little Rooster X?

As well as the difference in look Little Rooster and Little Rooster X are 30% more powerful than Little Rooster S. Little Rooster X has 7 vibration patterns, including one that wakes you with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony pulsating against your clitoris. 

Won't wearing underwear to bed give me thrush?

No. According to the best scientific evidence, this is a myth. And Little Rooster is made from body-safe phthalate-free ABS/PC so it won't harbor germs.

I need you to ship discreetly.

We know how important this is and with our totally discreet packaging and a discreet name on your bank statement you can shop in confidence.

How about making a Little Rooster for Men?

Join our For Men mailing list for news of the launch.

Does Little Rooster come with a warranty?

Yes. If any model fails due to a manufacturing fault within the first year of ownership we will mend or replace it with a similar or updated model.

What currency are your prices?

British Pounds (GBP). You will see the exact price in your own currency before confirming payment, or you can use a site such as

Can I pay with my bank card?

You can pay with your debit or credit card or with PayPal.

I am having trouble with your shop.

Try a different browser, a different bank card, or clear your cache. Ask your bank if there is a block on foreign transactions, and to remove it if there is. Another option is to open a PayPal account during checkout - it takes seconds and is free. If you are still having trouble please let us know.

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Where can I buy a spare charging cable?


Where can I download the manual?

The manual for new Little Rooster is here for Little Rooster X is here and for Little Rooster S is here.

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Little Rooster. Wake Sexy.