An open letter to Rep Michele Bachmann


An Open Letter To Representative Michele Bachmann,

 from Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator


Dear Rep. Bachmann,

I am sorry to hear that the Christian Conservative Strategy Group for Media sent a facial massager to help with your migraine, and then intercepted it when they realized that they had mistakenly mailed you a sex toy (1) (2).

Ironically, a sex toy may have been of more use to you.  For example, in a paper published earlier this year by Evers et al (3) show that the majority of migraine sufferers who masturbate find relief from their pain. 

In many cases, masturbating ended their migraine altogether.

Since sleeping well can also help with migraines, may I suggest slipping a Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator in your underwear when you feel one coming on?

Little Rooster is the world’s first alarm clock specifically designed to wake you in a good mood.  It curves around you comfortingly and in the morning it starts vibrating very gently.  Then it slowly increases in power, waking you slowly, calmly, energized, in a great mood, ready to face your day.   It is an alarm clock and a vibrator all in one.

A stimulus package I think we all can agree delivers.

Yours sincerely,



Tony Maggs


CEO, Little Rooster Limited


Further information:

Little Rooster is rechargeable, completely silent for 27 settings, and features a ‘pleasure snooze’ function.  It is available in Luscious Purple, Pink Champagne, and Original White for available for $69 including free shipping from

Media pack:








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