Playboy Morning Show reviews the Little Rooster live on air!

On Monday 6 February 2012 the Playboy Morning show tested and reviewed the Little Rooster live on air and interviewed inventor Tony Maggs.

Hosts comedian Kevin Klein and Playboy superstar, actress and presenter Andrea Lowell LOVED the Little Rooster, as did models Regina and Brittany.  Andrea had tried it over the weekend, and models Regina and Brittany tried it live on air.

Here are some of the highlights in quotations in case you missed it.

"This is awesome - I just slipped this in to a G-string, because I wanted to see if it would stay in place wearing any style of underwear, and I think the G string actually strapped it in quite nicely" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy. 

The Little Rooster "is creating wet dreams for women" - Kevin Klein, Playboy.‎ 

"It fits exactly perfectly" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy

"I never knew an alarm clock could be this much fun" - Kevin Klein, Playboy

"It is fits right against your pubic bone and it curves around to hit all your sweet spots" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy.

"Oh my god, I want one of these!" - Playboy Model Regina while testing the Little Rooster.

"A roller-coaster for the vagina" - Kevin Klein, Playboy.

"I can't even stand up now" - Playboy model Regina, while testing the Little Rooster. 

"The way it is shaped is great for sex" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy.

"I think it would be good on a Honeymoon" - Playboy Model Brittany.

"I don't see how [an alarm clock] could get better than this" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy.

"These are definitely party favorites for our next slumber party" - Playboy model Brittany, having tried the Little Rooster.

‎"I think it's funny that Tony Maggs actually looks like a penis, and he invented an alarm clock that wakes you up like a penis, look at him, big bald head and everything....Tony, you're a genius...You really are like a mad British Scientists who invented instead of a torture tool, a pleasure tool" - Kevin Klein, Playboy.

‎"Amazing" - Andrea Lowell, Playboy


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