Little Rooster V1
Little Rooster V1
Little Rooster V1
Little Rooster V1
Little Rooster V1
Little Rooster V1

Little Rooster V1


 Wake Happy - Cosmo

Little Rooster is the world's first alarm clock specifically designed to wake you with pleasure.  And shipping to the USA and UK is free.

Worn entirely externally.

Shaped for all-position comfort - stays in place however much you move.

Starts extremely gently - so you wake deliciously slowly.

Thirty settings - from butterfly to beast.

"Snorgasm" - the sensual power-snooze for erotic morning dreams.

Rechargeable - so you never need new batteries.

You will receive your Little Rooster alarm clock vibrator in a beautiful gift box (discreetly packaged and shipped) containing:

  • Little Rooster
  • White charging cable to attach to the USB port of a computer or Universal Phone Charger (not included) and
  • Black satin drawstring bag for easy storage and elegant, discreet transportation.

Little Rooster comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing faults for complete peace of mind.

Shipping to the USA and the UK is FREE.  Shipping to the rest of the world is $10.  For estimated delivery times, please see our delivery page.

All prices are in United States Dollars.  To convert accurately to your local currency, please use a website such as

The way you feel when you wake shapes your entire day.

And Little Rooster wakes you with pleasure.

Little Rooster.  Good Morning!