Does Little Rooster increase your libido?

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Modern sexologists such as Emily Nagoski say that becoming aroused is not simply a case of 'turning up the gas'.

You also need to 'turn down the brakes'.

Brakes are anything that stop you getting excited.  They can be general or specific.  They are often thoughts that inhibit you from letting go.  

Some people have very sensitive brakes.  Other people can seem to have no brakes at all.

Dr Nagoski suggests ways of dealing with brakes in her best-seller Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life.  And if those ways don't work, seeing a therapist can help.

Or you can try Little Rooster.

Little Rooster is an alarm clock you wear in your panties that wakes you by vibrating.

Because it starts before you wake, it turns up the gas while your brakes are asleep.

Little Rooster begins extremely gently.  Then automatically increases in power.

Little Rooster is designed to stimulate you for several minutes before you, and your brakes, become fully conscious.  So by the time you wake you are already aroused.

If being half asleep is sometimes the most sensual part of your day, Little Rooster can make those moments almost unbearably erotic.

If you are dreaming when it starts, Little Rooster can trigger sexual dreams.

Little Rooster can wake you on the verge of orgasm.  Some women even report waking while orgasming.

Using Little Rooster is such a turn on that Cosmopolitan's Tara O'Sullivan says it 'changed my life profoundly'.

Sex blogger Madison Hughes writes that the day after waking with Little Rooster she was 'buzzing at work all day long'.

And Sexologist Simone Bienne was so impressed she described Little Rooster as 'this magic gadget'.

Little Rooster starts from just $59 - and if you live in the USA or the UK, that includes free shipping!

Why not see how profoundly this magic gadget can change your sex life?

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Does Little Rooster feature in the new Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

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(Unlike most alarm clocks, Little Rooster alarm clock vibrator is an instrument of pleasure)

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Little Rooster on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Howie Mandel.

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Little Rooster is a great gift for all occasions - but a baby shower?

Howie Mandel thinks so, telling Jimmy Kimmel that Little Rooster is "something that a lady would enjoy, something different, something special".

(If the embedded video does not work, click here).

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Little Rooster Big in Finland

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Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator is talked about in the most unlikely of places.


It has been tweeted about in the House of Commons.  And now it is big in Finland.


This article here says that "Little Rooster is an exceptionally nice way to wake up".


Trust those Finns to know how to turn those long, cold, winter nights into the hottest of mornings.


If you love when she wakes up thinking of you....get her a Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator this Valentine's Day :)

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We're totally sending Jennifer Lawrence a Little Rooster!

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We're totally sending Jennifer Lawrence a Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator.... "as a joke" :).

But(t) which colour would she prefer?

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