What are the top 18 fantasies we expect people to enjoy with their Dream Rooster?

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There are as many individual permutations of sexual fantasies as there are people.

Here are eighteen of the hottest.

1. Celebrities

Most people fantasise about having sex with a celebrity. With a few notable exceptions the chances of this happening in real life are slim to nonexistent.

But in your lucid sexual dreams, not only can you have sex with anyone who has ever lived - you can choose to meet your favourite celebrity when they were at their hottest!

2. Scene from a movie

Similar to celebrity sex, insert yourself into your favourite movie scene. Next time you watch the film, you’ll get a secret thrill that is all your own.

3. Sex with a stranger

In a sense, the opposite of sex with a celebrity, and certainly the opposite of relationship sex - sex with somebody you know absolutely nothing about. Erica Jong’s seminal 1970s sex-romp “fear of flying” calls the extreme version of this the “zipless fuck” - when your eyes meet and, wordlessly, your you start to have sex. This is not only a very common male fantasy: over 80% of women surveyed in a study published by The Journal of Sex Research said that they fantasied about this regularly.

4. Domination/submission

Both women and men love the idea of either dominating or being dominated. Power play is so sexy that even clunky dialogue and embarrassing plot lines aren’t enough to stop the millions of women who downloaded 50 shades being extremely turned on.

The reality of successful sub-dom sex can take a lot of work - communication, setting boundaries, establishing trust. In your dreams, your partner knows just how far to go, without you having to tell them, And there are few things that are sexier than that.

5. Co-worker

Have the hots for your co-worker? You’re not alone. Fifty-six percent of women and sixty-one percent of men have sexual fantasies about getting it on with someone in their office.

Add to this the excitement of boss-subordinate power-play and we are talking explosively powerful orgasms.

6. Sex outdoors/Exhibitionism

In his study of 10 000 peoples sexual fantasies, Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head?, Brett Kahr found one in five people fantasize about being watched during sex—and another 5 percent fantasize about taking their clothes off in public
The chance of being caught is a huge turn on for both women and men. Others love the wildness and sexual freedom of, say, fantasising about sex in the middle of a night club or at a music festival, or the inappropriateness of a supermarket.

Research suggests that many women’s outdoor fantasies are more subtle than mens’ - the door left open, the window through which they might be seen. But both women and men love the idea of that mainstay of past glamour and naughtiness:

7. The mile high club.

According to men’s health 51% of women would love to try this. But in coach? In the toilets?

As so often, the reality can be a little more….prosaic…than the fantasy.

So do it in your dreams.

Do it in First.

Do it in the cockpit.

Do it on a Lear.

8. Making a sex film

According to women’s health magazine, 40 percent of women want to make a homemade flick with their partners. Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Erica Moen has some excellent advice for anyone wanting to film their sex or send a selfie: http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/selfie/

With Dream Rooster, you can go one step further: direct your favourite porn star - or anyone at all - in your own private sex-flick. Will you have a cameo, be the star, or remain in the director’s chair - or maybe you are the camera operator? Or maybe you're the fluffer...

9. Threesome

This has to be one of the most common fantasies, and one that many people have experienced. Some studies suggest that up to 20% of women have had a threesome and that many more want to - with the right third person.

It is also a fantasy which can, in real life, be far less satisfying than you’d hoped.

Finding a partner who you both find attractive and feel comfortable with - and who wants a threesome with you - can be hard.

In your dreams, you can combine this fantasy with any of the others. A threesome on an airplane? A threesome with two celebrities? With Dream rooster, once you have achieved lucidity, simply say to yourself ‘through that door is young Elvis and Marlyn Monroe - or Justin Bieber oiling up David Beckham’ and you walk through the door and there you are!

10. Something your partner will not do

Dan Savage is great on what you should do if your partner wants to try something sexual that you are not into (basically: do it or let them do it with someone else, but that is a whole other article).

One of the most common fantasies is having sex with your partner, but doing something that they are not interested in doing. Using sex toys. Anal. Oral, even. In your dreams, your partner can be into the same things that you are - and when you wake up, you can imagine they’ve done That Thing, and move onto the thing that they really love!

11. Knight in shining armour

A bit cheesy?

If you like it, do it anyway. In your sex dreams, you can even kill a dragon first. With an actual sword.

12. Man in uniform

Everyone loves a man (or woman) in uniform, the saying goes. It’s the power thing. And the fitness. And the cut…the sweat…the feeling that all that exists is today, because who knows what tomorrow brings?

13. On a boat

The salty splashes from a tropical sea…. The luxury and glamour of being on a m-f boat! Then, afterwards, a swim. What’s there not to love?

14. Same-sex encounter

According to a study at Boise State University, 60% of straight women are at times attracted to women. Whether it is the softness, the thoughtful tenderness, the idea that another woman would know your body better than any man, lesbian fantasies are exceedingly common.

What’s more, the same study found that the older women got, the more fluid their sexual identity became. Experimentation is not just for college!

And it isn’t just straight women who fantasies about each other. According to psychologist and author Barry McCarthy “The fourth most common sexual fantasy among straight men is sex with another male, especially receiving oral sex from a guy.” Maybe Kinsey was right all along, that sexuality is far more fluid than even now most of us imagine.

15. Sex with an ex

The ultimate no-no? The ultimate yes-yes-YES?

They know your body better than anybody new. Though you parted for reasons, you were together for reasons too, and one of them was the sex. Many people find that sex with an ex can be the most emotionally complicated sex of all.

Keep it in your Dreams, Rooster.

16. Sex with someone inappropriate

Relative? Babysitter? Teacher/student? Best friend’s partner? It can sometimes seem that everybody one has the hots for is inappropriate for one reason or another.

Added to which, the taboo of someone in appropriate - and the fear of getting caught - makes it all the more exciting.

Is it ok to explore inappropriate fantasies in your Lucid Dreams?

That is for you to decide.

17. Morning Sex

Nothing starts your day as wonderfully as waking up to morning sex. And after a night of sexual dreams, you'll never feel more ready to put all your fantasies into practice.

18. Cuckolding

Do you like the idea of your partner humiliating you by having sex with someone more attractive while you watch, or humiliating your partner by doing that to them? Even without bringing a third person into the mix, hearing your partner tell you what they wish you were doing can be hugely exciting.

Many of these fantasies are combinations of themes. Cuckolding, for example, can combine threesomes with sometimes forced bisexuality (itself a mixture of homosexuality and forced sex). Group sex can involve celebrities, or any of the other activities.

Just like dreams, they leak into each other. Which is also why dreams are such a good way of exploring them. You can go as far as you wish. You can have the details that most excite you. They can be hyper-realistic - after all, dreams are so real that we often cannot tell whether we are dreaming. Unlike having sex with your partner’s brother or sister, they have no real-world repercussions. And, unlike Vegas, what happens in dreams - stays in dreams.

Dream Rooster is currently on Indiegogo here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dream-rooster-total-erotic-freedom

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