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The way you feel when you wake shapes your entire day.  Which is why we created Little Rooster.

Designed for the way you sleep.  Little Rooster rests inside your panties, flat against your front, slim between your thighs.

In the morning Little Rooster starts vibrating.  At first so gently that it does not wake you.  And then, automatically, the vibrations slowly increase.

Little Rooster has thirty settings.  They go from butterfly to beast.  Giving you fully automated, precision pleasure.

Snorgasm:  a power-snooze.  The vibrations fall to a very low level then slowly start increasing again.

Silent* for twenty-seven settings.  Plus three extra powerful "turbo" levels.  For when intensity is the only thing that counts. (*Little Rooster S)

The end of bad mornings - Huff Post

Personalisable.  Because everyone is different.

Rechargeable.  So you will never need new batteries.

Perfect for couples.  You'll both wake up smiling...

Play.  For when it is time to take control. 

 You are awesome!! I LOVE IT!! @RoosterLovesYou is so INTENSE - Holly Bausman, Winnipeg Rock Radio 91

Practical.  If you need to wake earlier than your partner, or worry you won't hear your alarm, Little Rooster is ideal for you. 

Beautifully presented.  Exquisitely packaged; sleekly minimalist; and exceptionally discreet.

Wake up with a smile on your face - The Sunday Times

Reassuringly hygienic.  Little Rooster's polycarbonate wipe-clean surface is non-porous and naturally fresh.

Safe.  Contains no phthalates.  And fully tested against every eventuality.

Truly Innovative - The Register

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

Little Rooster is the world's first alarm clock to wake you silently and pleasurably.  

And when you wake up feeling this good, you feel amazing all day.

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Why wake any other way?

Little Rooster.  Good morning!