Wake Happy  - Cosmo

Very Nice - Jimmy Kimmel

Hate Mornings?

Try Little Rooster.

The world's first alarm clock to wake you silently with pleasure.

Wakes you up slowly and feels lovely - Sabotage Times

Little Rooster rests inside your panties.  No part is worn inside your body.  

Little Rooster stays in place however much you move because of its unique design: flat against your front, slim between your thighs.  

And at under 50 grams - around a third of an iPhone 5S - Little Rooster is so light you won't even notice it there.

Wake happy - Cosmopolitan

The lowest vibrations are almost imperceptible.  Little Rooster does not wrench you from your sleep.  

Then, automatically, the power slowly increases.

You wake up gently.  Feeling stimulated. Sensual. Energised. Alive.

Awesome - Andrea Lowell

What makes Little Rooster really special is that delicious semi-conscious state when you are not yet quite awake.

Other alarms wrench those precious moments from you.  Little Rooster not only lets you savour them, it makes them even dreamier.

Thank you Little Rooster!  I wake up feeling energized, and cannot imagine going back to my old alarm - Emily, Los Angeles 

And when you wake up feeling this good, you feel amazing all day.

Read about the "snorgasm" function and Little Rooster's other features here.

Order your Little Rooster and start loving mornings here. 

Why wake any other way?

Little Rooster.  Good morning!